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5 ways to use Pinterest to take your small business viral

What exactly is Pinterest? It’s a social media website that allows you to “pin” images that you like and share them with friends (called “repining”). This is great for businesses like artists, jewelers, photographers, fashionistas, home decorators, etc. Users that


When to choose a mobile app and when to choose a mobile website

When to choose a mobile website vs. mobile app we often have clients come to us asking us to build them a mobile app. In some instances an app is the best solution for addressing your customers mobile needs, but we felt this would be a good opportunity to explain why we often recommend building a


Let Video enhance your company's image

Video is the wave of the future. Interactive media is more easily accessible than ever and the businesses who take advantage of that survive. Here are a few ways you can use video on your website to enhance your company’s image and increase the number of leads that you see through your


Maintaining a successful website

The single most important part of having a strong web presence is of course, your website. Your website is the first look potential clients will have at your business and they will infer much about the products or services you offer by what they see online. Here are some tips to creating a solid


Traffic and Leads

Do you have a website? If you do, how is it performing in terms of traffic and leads? Do you get enough visitors to your site? If you aren’t getting the traffic you need to your site, we recommend doing any or all three of the following things: Go through a site redesign so that your site will comply with modern standards. This will help you rank highly in search results: a poorly coded


Finding time for Social Media

“How does one find time to Twitter, Blog, and do real work?