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Own a website that draws in new customers and generates revenue

Why Should You Choose Madson Consulting?

In today's competitive marketplace your company's web presence and information systems are critical to success. We understand this and stand by our mission to provide superior value to our customers by providing quality services that effectively and efficiently meet and or exceed your expectations. Own Your Future! Let Madson Consulting guide you there.

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Let Madson Consulting get your business up and running on the web. Tell us what you are looking for and we will present you with a site that is interactive and dynamic. When we develop your website your business will receive:

•Free Hosting for 1 year •Free Updates for 6 months (Plan Rates start at $25 per page)


Get your business online with our most popular plan. This fully featured web hosting plan gives you the resources you need to host your growing or already established website. With this plan you will receive:

•Unlimited Disk Space •Unlimited Data Transfer •Free Dedicated IP Address •Unlimited Domain Hosting •20 Basic Exchange Email Boxes (1GB Storage per mail box •SMTP Service •Spam Filtering and Anti-Virus •Free E-Commerce Add-On •Web Log Analysis •Vanity SSL Certificate •PLUS MUCH MORE


Ideal for established websites, this plan provides all the features and resources you demand from a web hosting plan. This is the perfect plan for a business looking to make an impact online.

•Windows 2008 Platform + Linux CentOS platform•U nlimited Disk Space and Data Transfer •Free Dedicated IP Address •Unlimited Domain Hosting •50 Basic Exchange email boxes (1GB storage per mailbox including POP3/IMAP4) •SMTP Service •FREE Premium eCommerce Shopping Cart with starter license •Plus Much More


Anywhere access to your email, contacts, calendars, tasks and files.

•Free Microsoft Outlook 2013 •Mobile Email •Outlook Web Access (OWA) •4GB of Disk Space per Mailbox •Sync Your IPhone, Android, Windows Phone and more •30 Day Free Trial •+ More Email Services. Ask us about all our plans to keep you and your business productive.


Your Domain Name is the basis for the rest of your web presence. Receive:

•Better Search Engine Results. One of the highest factors in Search Engine Ranking is your Domain Name •Think REMEMBER ME: Be it your existing brand or the product your site will promote, your market needs to know and remember your name •Protect Your Brand. Be sure you get all the popular domain tld's and common misspellings to ensure your brand is protected from copycats that might infringe on your brand and SEO •Use your existing Domain and Transfer FREE. We will help you every step of the way to ensure that your website is up and running as it should be.


SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization." It is the process of getting traffic from "free," "organic," "editorial" or "natural" search results on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Madson Consulting works clsely with its clients to manage the fundamental components of a strong online presence. We follow the established guidelines and protocols to set up your official business profiles at the most influential search destinations on the internet, Google, Bing, Yelp and City Search.

Our SEO services are inexpensive and we make developing a strong online presence a hassle free process for business owners who already have a more-than-full time job. The results are powerful, long lasting and can generate hundreds of additional customers.

Our Customers Say

Madson Consulting Pricing Packages

Individual quotes include web design and hosting. Ask us about our SEO and other related services



      Individually Quoted

      • Professional Template Design
      • Responsive and Mobile Friendly
      • 1-5 Content Pages
      • 1 Domain Name
      • 10 Basic Exchange Email Boxes
      • For a new small business


      Individually Quoted

      • Fully Customized Design
      • Responsive and Mobile Friendly
      • 25 + Content Pages
      • 1 Domain Name
      • 50 Basic Exchange Email Boxes
      • Ecommerce site for small business