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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, How long have we been providing web services?
  2. Question 2, What do we charge to host a small business website?
  3. Question 3, What do we charge to develop a small business website?
  4. Question 4, Do we provide eCommerce Websites?
  5. Question 5, What do we charge to update a website?
  6. Question 6, How many email boxes can our business have?
  7. Question 7, Do we develop personal websites?
  8. Question 8, Do we accept major credit cards or Paypal?

Answer 1:

We have been providing websites and hosting services to small businesses since 2000. We started as Milwaukee Ads On and in 2003 we relocated from Milwaukee to Bloomington IL and have been providing our services to local businesses in Central Illinois as Madson Consulting.

Answer 2:

Our most popular package starts at $25 per month. See our learn more page for additional information.

Answer 3:

Our standard price to develop a small business website is $1200. Prices are subject to change and may vary depending on additional requirements of the job.

Answer 4:

Madson does develop and host eCommerce websites. Our hosting package is $45 per month and includes premium eCommerce shopping cart plus much more.

Answer 5:

Updates are free for the first year if we develop and host your website. Afterwards we charge $25 per page. We feel that the flat rate charge saves our customers money over the standard hourly rate charged by other web developers.

Answer 6:

Our current hosting plan includes 20 basic exchange email boxes. We do offer other plans which include additional boxes.

Answer 7:

At the present time we only develop for small businesses.

Answer 8:

At this time we only accept checks for payment.